My 2016 Travel Story

By 26 December 2016

It’s that time of the year again. I’m already starting to plan my 2017 travels (three trips booked so far, two on the way)… and I’m looking back over the places I’ve seen and the people I’ve met over the last year.

It wasn’t until I sat down to write this post that I really realised how many brilliant things I’d done in 2016.


I stuck to my home county of Yorkshire for January. It is my birthday month, so I usually have friends and family visiting throughout the month and treating me to drinks at all the great bars in Leeds.

I’ve got a sneaky trip to Berlin planned for 2017, but usually this is the month I plan the travels rather than go on them.



I visited Poland again in Feb. I absolutely love the country, and we have great flight connections there from my local airport. I decided to go out there with my Mum for a girly weekend in Gdansk.

There was just about a full weekend worth of things to do there. There’s probably even more in the summer. The solidarity museum was a highlight though! Read all about my trip to Gdansk here! 



I visit London a lot, but rarely go with Scott. So we took a train over for the weekend and spent a lot of the day in my favourite London area… Camden! I’m a big fan of a bit of street art, so I got snap happy and blogged about it :). Check it out here!

Graffiti art - green and dark blue image of John Lennon

The first bucket list item of the year was ticket off in Iceland. I flew over from London for a week in March with Scott. I had an absolutely amazing time watching the northern lights, whale watching and touring the geysers, waterfalls and glaciers of the land of ice and fire.

And, of course, I blogged all about my 48 hours in Reykjavik and touring Southern Iceland.




Everyone who follows me on twitter or reads this blog knows about my soft spot for Eastern Europe. So, it was time for my second visit!

Most people who head to Slovakia, make their way to Bratislava. Not me, I enjoyed all that Kosice had to offer. We had brilliant weather, there was plenty of festivals going on. I wouldn’t hesitate to go back at all. Find out about my trip to Kosice.




Budapest! I felt like one of the few people who hadn’t visited the Hungarian capital. This was another trip made with Scott. We did a lot of walking and a lot of eating. And, once again, I wrote it about Budapest


I started my new job in May. Something that was a brilliant move in hindsight. The new position took me to Amsterdam in my first week and gave me time to have a short stroll around the city.




I had a month back in England, watching Coldplay perform, visiting friends in London. My favourite June tradition is open farm Sunday too. A day where farms across the UK put on food and activities for free.



Ticking off another Scandinavian country, I made way for Oslo. I went with two friends and we stayed in an apartment in the upmarket area of the city. The apartment meant we could save money on food and drink, eating a meze and drinking fizz before finishing the night at our first official Norwegian house party.

Despite the rain (in July, who’d have thought it!) we threw on our pack-a-macks and saw plenty.



I don’t spend enough time visiting places in the UK. Portmeirion, Wales was one of those places I’d always wanted to visit but kept putting off.

We drove down (Scott and I) for a long weekend and had an amazing time. We walked up Snowdon in inappropriate footwear and spend a sunny day eating gelato in the village.



Grand Place Brussels

I had a weekend waffle making and running around the sights of Brussels. There was far more to do there than I had imagined, and I would 100% head back, even if it’s just to re-take this waffle workshop!



Wedding and vaccine month. A strange way to describe October, but what it was to me. I was a guest at a beautiful wedding in Truro (about 12 hours away by bus!) and I spent all my money getting vaccines for my trip around Asia in November. No moneys for travels.



My inner potter had a trip to London to see the new Harry Potter play. Don’t worry, no spoilers here. BUT… it was AMAZING!

Most of November was spent travelling around Southeast Asia though.


First I went to Thailand. Mostly Bangkok. I visited all the main tourist haunts and ate the best food. (Before I got quickly fed up of coconut based curries – never thought this would happen!)


The I went to Cambodia. The country is unbelievable. Angkor Wat at sunrise was a dream. The Killing Fields and S21 were moving and the humour in the country was something that really took me aback. I loved Cambodia!


Then onto Vietnam. Another eye opening experience in terms of recent history. It was much different to Cambodia. Slightly more western with crazier roads.


Here we are. I didn’t do any travelling in December, but I did start planning for the year ahead. I booked trips to Berlin, Sofia and Warsaw. I have more plans, but they keep changing, so I’ll keep them secret until January!

There goes 2016. It was an incredible year of travel. I somehow fit 12 countries into 12 months, proof that you can hold down a full-time job and see the world if you put your heart into it! Here’s to more in 2017!

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    • I have! I’ll have to read it again to re-research though before I go. Oslo was great, staying in an apartment saved a lot of money too. My big challenge for next year is conquering the solo trips, I’ve never truly gone travelling alone before :/


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